reiki healing - £10/30 minutes

Joyful Paws offers an holistic approach to serving you and your dog's needs, even your emotional and physical well-being.  


Reiki is a universal healing energy, ideal for helping both people and animals suffering with a variety of personal issues, e.g. stress, anxiety, aggression, medical conditions. For those of you who may doubt the benefits of reiki, it is actually recognised by the UK medical profession, and hospital patients are entitled to 2 free treatments on the NHS. 


In any case, animals are not aware of any possible 'placebo' effect.  I've generally found that the healing has a calming effect on animals, and have experienced excitable dogs settling down quietly whilst undergoing treatment.

Whilst reiki is not intended as a 'cure' or alternative to veterinary care, it is a perfect complementary therapy and works well for those dogs who are unwell, recovering from surgery, or anxious by helping bring the body back into balance.

excellent complementary therapy to aide healing & reduce stress

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