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So, you've invested your hard-earned money in buying your dog, and you're now looking for help with his training.  Then doesn't it make sense to invest in the best possible training for him that you can?  Well, Joyful Paws provides exactly that ~ the very best, for both you and for your dog.

Training sessions are on a 1-2-1 basis commencing from the comfort of your own home, progressing to outdoor sessions as required/desired.  Unlike in group training classes, full attention will be entirely on you alone, and your dog will also not be distracted unnecessarily. This gives you the opportunity to focus all of your energy on learning how to handle and train your dog, rather than worrying about what, or how, other dogs and their humans are doing.  If you live with a nervous or reactive dog, you may well find that group sessions are counter-productive for both you and your dog as your dog is likely to feel overwhelmed, which is likely to increase his stress levels and do more harm than good.


Dogs may exhibit a variety of 'problem' behaviours during their lives, but these can be easily resolved with basic training.  Such issues can include barking for attention, jumping up, pulling on the lead, not coming back when called, lack of toilet training, stealing items, or refusing to give up a toy (this list is not exhaustive!)


As dogs learn by association, it's often the case that we are inadvertently 'rewarding' them for inappropriate behaviours without even realising it, but even worse, it's more frequently the case that our dogs are training us !

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Dog's paw print
Dog's paw print
Dog's paw print
Dog's paw print
Dog's paw print
Dog's paw print

want  your dog to listen to you?    joyful paWS WILL make it happen !

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Joyful Paws offers an holistic approach to training which covers every aspect of living with your dogs ~ offering advice about how to interact with them at home on a daily basis, teaching you about how they learn, knowing the correct type of exercise to provide, how to play with them in a constructive way, and even taking into account their diet, which can also impact on a dog's behaviour. 


The training techniques are motivational, force-free, and reward-based, and are designed to provide vital mental stimulation for your dog, thus helping to reduce their levels of adrenaline so that they are calm. 

My skills enable you to gain the knowledge to train your dog yourself so that he will become responsive, well-socialised, and a pleasure to be around both for you and for other people.  You will also learn how to work with him in 'real life' situations, such as learning handling skills during walks, and practising recalls around other dogs and people.  


In addition, you will gain a better understanding of how the world appears to your dog from his perspective.  You will learn how to read his body language as he communicates with both humans and other dogs with clearly defined 'Calming Signals'.   


By teaching you how to 'Be More Dog', you will gain a relationship built on mutual trust and understanding so that you will be working as a team, giving you the opportunity to enjoy a happy and harmonious life together.


Sessions are tailored to a pace that suits you, and also cater to the individual needs of your dog; just like people, every dog has a different personality and learning capacity.  So there is absolutely no pressure!

train any dog - any age, any breed

If you have a puppy, it's best to begin their training and socialisation as soon as possible, but older dogs can also undergo training because unlike the adage "You can't train an old dog new tricks", well actually, yes you can!  Even dogs from rescue centres which may have experienced a troubled history are receptive to training with gentle rehabilitation, patience and understanding.

For those of you who want to socialise your dog with other dogs, I will initially work with you with the aid of my own dogs, whose temperaments I know and trust.  This will be done in a safe, controlled manner so that your dog will learn to interact in an appropriate way to gain confidence, and will also learn social etiquette and good manners towards other dogs.

Although regular weekly sessions are recommended, training with Joyful Paws is flexible and there is no requirement for you to book a 'set' number of appointments.  You will no doubt feel confident within a short period of time, but you can continue your training for as long as you feel that you need to.  And should the need arise at a later stage and you find that you need more help or you'd like a one-off refresher, you can simply come back to me for further training if you wish.

Offering professional, friendly, caring yet affordable assistance, I receive referrals from Vets4Pets, Walsgrave, Coventry, have spoken at several online events by invitation from various organisations, and have also been consulted by T.V. production companies for advice on dog behaviour and training with regard to their impending programmes.


I work with all breeds of dog of all ages, including rescues (Romanian street dogs & other overseas rescues, as well as U.K. rescues), Pit Bulls and other Bull Breeds (which some trainers refuse to work with), and other exempted dogs. 

I'm happy to work with dogs of all temperaments, and I specialise in helping those displaying aggression or fear-based traits, and I very much look forward to working with you and yours. 

To make a booking, call NOW on 07963 255365 or email

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