It's always an honour to be accredited for one's work by independent sources, and Joyful Paws is proud to have been recognised accordingly.

For the past 5 years since 2018, Joyful Paws has consistently been evaluated as one of the top three trainers in Coventry by 'Three Best Rated'

AWARDS ~ 2021

Influential Businesswoman Awards 2021.jpg

I was delighted to have won this award, courtesy of Acquisition International, as this not only recognised my skills in working with dogs, but was also in recognition of my skills as a businesswoman.

Since I am solely responsible for my own marketing, sales, website, social media (Facebook, Instagram), this was a great personal achievement for me, and also for Joyful Paws.

AWARDS ~ 2020


In October 2020, I was contacted by a lady in Mexico requesting my help!  It seems that local trainers in her hometown were advising her to use Electric Collars to correct the 'bad behaviour' of her dog, and she was unhappy about the advice.

Inquiring as to how she found out about Joyful Paws, she directed me to the website of 'Pooch & Harmony' where we were listed as number 2 out of 15 of the Best Dog Trainers in the U.K. by them.  

Very flattering, particularly as I had no idea !  Needless to say, I was happy to help her via a video call.

Pooch & Harmony ~ 2nd Best Trainer in UK
Lux Life Award 2020.jpg
Lux Life Award 2 2020.jpg

Joyful Paws won the Lux Life 'Best Dog Behavioural & Training Service, Coventry ~ 2020' 

Midlands Enterprise Awards 2020 (2) - Co

Joyful Paws won the Midlands Enterprise Awards 'Best Dog Behaviour & Training Service, Coventry ~ 2020'