Dog's paw print
Dog's paw print

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  Active Search Results (ASR) 

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  Coventry Dog Owners Community

                   Joyful Paws' own community group for dog owners/lovers to discuss their lives with their dogs, and make new friends. 

                   Join today!

  Coventry Dog Warden

                  If you have found a dog wandering, by law you must report it to the local Dog Warden.  They may even have your lost dog.

  Coventry End BSL Awareness Group


                  Want to know more about Breed Specific Legislation?  Has your dog been seized?  Visit here for advice and information.#

  Pet Shop U.K.


                  Great directory for finding pet-related services of all varieties.


  The Good Dog Guide 


                  This is a great site for recommending all things dog-friendly.

  Wheldon Law, Solicitors


                  Wheldon's Solicitors are specialists in dog law.

Dog's paw print
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